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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Take a chance on Love

I am a lucky Woman.
Lucky.Lucky.Lucky! I married the the man I love. It was like a romantic novel. He is a terrific guy, banker by the day, biker at night!!!
We met in school, fell in love. We had our share of problems, we broke up lke a zillion times. I even dates a few jerks!
I would not like to play the blame game. *wink*
The problems just kept on increasing and we decided to move in together.
We lived together for 6 years, Phew!!
It was like choppy sea waves most of the time, but we got through. Trust me , Love will find a way!
We got married last year.. and It was a dream, I managed to look pretty and when I walked down to the 'mandap' ( the place where the wedding took place) and looked at him, I knew he was the one ( yet again) .
You know, take a chance on love.
You may pick the wrong person, make a few mistakes.. But go ahead, take a chance

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